Terms of Use

You can play free game and enroll as free to address of  Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ . When users that benefit from the games in website, they have to accept conditions of use.

1. Change of Conditions of Use 

Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ can change conditions of the website on the purpose of obeying the law and being up-to-date. The users of website have to follow change of conditions of use in the announcements.

2. Change of Content of The Website

Http://onlinegamesbox.net/  can change in content of the website so it can add a new content and remove them. Also, it does not have to inform to users. The users can see this changes easily. These changes does not include harmful or negative effect for you and your children. Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ takes responsibilty for these changes.

3. Age Range

The users who play the games and visit to our website have to accept at least 8 years old. If the user is younger than 8 years, he/she can visit to our website under their parents watch.

4. Situations of Liability

a) The users can not demand compensation and Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ can not take responsibility of this.

b) The users can not complain, just can demand about the out of reach contents in Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ because of some technical issues.

c) There are advertisements of the company or the third person in our website. Http://onlinegamesbox.net/  does not take responsibility for the pictures or links in advertisement. The advertisement agency takes responsibility them. The users must complain about advertisement agency, not about us. Also, they can not sue for damages of advertisement agency to Http://onlinegamesbox.net/.

5) The Last Warnings

The visitors who visit to our website enter the website with their free will exactly. If the game website is banned in some countries because of some reason and if they could not visit to Http://onlinegamesbox.net/ , our website is not responsible of this.

Even if one of before mentioned rules and warnings are consider invalid, the other rules are never condisider invalid. The invalid rules and warnings are removed from our page by putting forward a reason.