Our visitors can visit safely to our website and any personal date is not demanded. You can play whatever you want safely and enjoyable from between hunders of game choices.   Our game website is prepared by taking into consideration of every detail for your security. Both you and your children can spend pleasure time in this game website that protect your personal knowledge.

Protection of Your Personal Knowledge

As the website of Http://, our primary objective is to protect your privacy in the world of internet. There is no doubt that it is not taken their personal knowledge from visitors' mobile phone or computer. Also, it does not involve spyware programme. However, we can demand their name, surname or e-mail like that knowledge from our visitors that visit to our website.

This personal knowledge that demand from game lovers who visit to the website of Http:// is never shared in other website. They register in our  archive for communication.

Security of Your IP Address

Users' IP address that visit to our werbsite are recorded for security and for keep statistics of users.


 Http:// includes advertisements of or other company. These advertisement companies can take IP knowledge of visitors but IP does not include name, surname, phone number like that. The aim of Http:// is to provide pleasure  time for our visitors. There are advertisements to defray in our website.

Conditions of Use

We do not garantise for our serves in Http:// website. Due to financial and emotional damage, The website of Http:// can not be blamed.

Authors Royalties

Authors royalties of the games in Http:// belongs to designer and writer of the games.


The most important mission of Http:// is to reply the warning about illegal contents or games. This kind of games are distroyed to website.

Editors think over extensively before choosing the games than they can decide most ideal games for the website Http:// website. When you see the incovenient games and contents, it is enought that you get in contect with us. So, we remove that games and contents from the website.